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February 20, 2008

Educational Links

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Educational links each grouped by: Science, Math, Reading, and Civilization (scroll down).

Name Description Click Button to Open
M. C. Perry Elementary School Provides our Perry families with information about our school policies, procedures and programs. MC Perry
M. C. Perry High School Welcom to the Matthew C. Perry High School Internet Web Site.  We hope that you enjoy your stay and find everything you need. 

PTO e-Board

. Science .
NASA for Kids Games, Art & Stories, Activities, and Kids’ Club NASA for Kids
Science Master We are the Internet’s science learning web site, for students, parents and teachers. Science Master
Yahoo Science Science on the Web. Yahoo Science
Brain Pop Science How the World Works. Brain Pop Science
HHMI The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology… on screen, off screen, and in between HHMI Cool Science
Scientific America Scientific American, the oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S., has been bringing its readers unique insights about developments in science and technology for more than 150 years. Scientific America
Bio diversity Hotspots Conservation International believes that Earth’s natural heritage must be maintained if future generations are to thrive spiritually, culturally and economically. Biodiversity Hot Spots
Koko’s Kids Club Welcome to The Gorilla Foundation’s web site made especially for kids! Koko's Kids Club
Think Quest Science & Technology Think Quest Science & Technology
Kid sites Leading Guide to Kids Web Sites. Kidsites
Amateur Science This page is primarily meant for beginners in science. Amature little Scientists
High School Ace The Academic Homepage for High School Students High School Hub
Volcano World A Collaborative Higher Education, K-12, and Public Outreach project of the North Dakota and Oregon Space Grant Consortia administered by the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University Volcano World
Animal Diversity Sponsored in part by the Interagency Education Research Initiative, the Homeland Foundation and the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Animal Diversity
. Math .
Math Magic Games Addition, Subtraction, Mulitplication and Division Math Majic Games
Fun Brain Fun with Numbers, Words, Universe, Culture, and other educational items. Fun Brain
AAA Math AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts. A wide range of lessons (Kindergarten through Eighth grade level) enables learning or review to occur at each individual’s current level. AAA-Math
The Math Page Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Koko's Kids Club
The Math Forum Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for math students and their teachers. Math Forum
Fact Monster On-line Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help. Koko's Kids Club
Aunty Math Math Challenges for K-5 Learners. Aunty Math
Mathematic Lessons Mathematic Lesson that are fun! fun! fun! Mathmatic Lesson
Federal Reserve Welcome to FedVille, a friendly town built just for kids where there is something to learn around every corner! Federal Reserve
Think Quest Math. Think Quest - Math
Kid sites Math Koko's Kids Club
Star Fall The Star fall learn-to-read web site is offered free as a public service. Starfall
Tumble Book Library Interactive Kids e-books for e-kids. Tumble Book Library
ESL Interesting Things for ESL Students. A fun study site for learners of English as a Second Language. Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more. ManyThings
Adult Learning Activities Use this free web site to build your reading and life skills. cdlponline
English Grammar Exercises On-line This homepage is specially made for ESL students in their first years of study English 4 U
Enchanted Learning Activities for Kids (Subscription Required) Enchanted Learning
Bartleby The preeminent Internet publisher of literate, reference and verse providing students, researchers and intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on web, free of charge. Great Books On-line
Wordsmith Here is your chance to discover the wisdom of anagrams. Wordsmith - Anagrams
Kids Reads Kidsreads is the best place on the web for kids to find info about their favorite books, series and authors. Kidsreads
Guide Grammar Guide to Grammar and Writing Guide to Grammar & Writing
Word Central

Welcome to the new Merriam-Webster’s Word Central now re-programmed for superior word power and language fun.

Word Central
Giggle Poetry The #1 Fun Poetry for Kids. Giggle Poetry
Fun Brain (Grammar) Our friends, the Grammar Gorillas, need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. Fun Brain - Grammar
Spanish Flash Cards Spanish Flash Cards. Spanish Flash Cards
Children’s Haiku Garden This garden is for the haiku verses with illustrations from Japanese children and other children from the USA or other countries. Children's Haiku Garden
Scholastic Helping Children around the World Read and Learn. Scholastic
Europe of Tales A Europe of Tales. A Europe of Tales
Classic Fairy Tales Welcome to Classic Fairy Tales Classic Fairy Tales
. Civilization .
Children’s Bibles With a variety of Bibles and New Testaments, Thomas Nelson’s Children’s Bibles meet the needs of families, churches, schools and ministries both Protestant and Catholic for children birth to pre-teen. Children's Bibles
United Nations Kids Our interactive database, Info Nation, is accessed by thousands of users monthly who pull up accurate official and up-to-date information and statistics regarding the countries of the world. United Nations Kids
Smithsonian Education A place for Kids to Explore, Discover and Learn. Smithsonian Education
PBS Kids Democracy Learn about Democracy, President, and how U.S. Government works. PBS Kids Democracy
National Geographic Kids Kids’ Games, Animals, Photos, Stories and More. National Geographic Kids
History Channel The History Channel. History Channel
The World Almanac for Kids

Published annually since 1996 and with more than 3 million copies sold to date, The World Almanac for Kids provides kids with the information they crave on thousands of subjects.

The World Almanac for Kids Online
Peace Corps Kids Welcome to Kids World, brought to you by the Peace Corps. Join our pal, Traveler, as she explores the globe and learns about making a difference. Come on in to the home of adventure and service — Peace Corps Kids World! Peace Corps Kids World
Born On This Day in History This web site is one of the the largest (and certainly the most creative)  Born On This Day resource on the Internet. Search 80,000 birth dates. Look up 1,000 famous people and their inspirational quotations. Browse 800 Famous Creative Women born on this day in history. Born  On This Day in History
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government Hello kids! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Benjamin Franklin. I will be your guide throughout this site. You probably know me best as a Founding Father and from my “shocking” kite experiment. Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Play Music Kids Play Music Organization. Play Music Kids
  Other Kids Links  
I-Safe You have found a revolutionary concept that will change the way everyone learns I-Safe
Pic4Learning Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. Pic4Learning
School Clip Art for Teachers and Kids Using clip art images on your worksheets, lesson plans, quizzes, tests, exams, puzzles, and homework will motivate your students School-Clip-Art
The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) was founded in 1991 as a non-profit operating foundation to celebrate and encourage innovation in schools. Edutopia
Time and Date Keep track of current Time and Date around the World Time & Date
Site for Teachers Hundreds of Educational Web Sites Rated by Popularity. Site for Teachers

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February 9, 2008

Postal (Mail) Information

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*Postal information

Provided by: (*) MCAS Postal Office

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February 4, 2008

Places of Worship

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To list in this area please provide your contact information to webmaster@myiwakuni.com.


Roman Catholic Church
Web Site
Conact:  Father  E-Mail:  
From States: 011-81-0827-79-6150 From Japan: 0827-79-6150  From Base: 253-6150

. Located aboard MCAS Iwakuni in the Marine Memorial Chapel.  Chapel Religious Services: 

Sunday-School and Adult Bible Fellowship (9:30 a.m.); Protestant Worship Services and Children’s Church (10:30 a.m.); Spanish Bible Fellowship (1:00 p.m.)

Wednesday-Awana (at Bldg 1104) (6:00 p.m.); Night Bible Study (at Capodanno Hall Chapel) (6:00 p.m.)




Web Site
Conact:      E-Mail:  
From States: 011-81-0827-79-5145 From Japan: 0827-79-5145  From Base: 253-5145 

. Located aboard MCAS Iwakuni in the Marine Memorial Chapel.  Chapel Religious Services: 

Saturday-Confession (4:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.); Vigil Mass (5:30 p.m.)

Sunday-Mass (8:30 a.m.); Catholic Religious Education (9:45 a.m. - 10:55 a.m.) and Catholic Bible Study (9:45 a.m. - 10:55 a.m.). 

Weekday (Tuesday-Friday) Mass (11:30 a.m.)

Wedneday Catholic Inqquiry Class for Adults (at Conference Room) (6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.)




The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Web Site
Conact:     E-Mail:  
From States: 011-81-0827-79-6830 From Japan: 0827-79-6830  From Base: 253-6830

. Located aboard MCAS Iwakuni in the Marine Memorial Chapel.  Chapel Religious Services: 

Wednesdays Youth Activities (Ages 12-17) (6:30 a.m.)




Web Site
Conact:     E-Mail:  
From States: 011-81-0827-79-6260 From Japan: 0827-79-6260  From Base: 253-6260

. Located aboard MCAS Iwakuni in the Marine Memorial Chapel.  Chapel Religious Services: 

Friday Prayer (Conference Room) (12:00 p.m.)




Web Site
Conact:      E-Mail:  
From States: 011-81-0827-79-2380 From Japan: 0827-79-2380  From Base: 253-2380

. Located aboard MCAS Iwakuni in the Marine Memorial Chapel.  Chapel Religious Services: 

Friday-Shabbat Service (Small Chapel) (6:00 p.m.)




Nichiren Buddist
Web Site
Conact:     E-Mail:  
From States: 011-81-0827-79-6508 From Japan: 0827-79-6508  From Base: 253-6509








Church of Christ
Web Site
Conact:     E-Mail:  
From States: 011-81-0827-79-2380 From Japan: 0827-79-2390  From Base: 253-2380

. Located aboard MCAS Iwakuni in the Marine Memorial Chapel.  Chapel Religious Services: 

Sunday-Bible Study (Small Chapel) (9:30 a.m.); Worship Services (Small Chapel) (10:30 a.m.)




Calvary Chapel Iwakuni
Web Site
Conact:  Mike Silva (Pastor)  E-Mail:  mike@calvaryiwakuni.com
4-85-20 Muronoki-cho, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi-ke, Japan 740-0021
From States: 011-81-0827-24-1104  From Japan: 0827-24-1104  Cell Phone: 090-5293-5939

Worship Service and Bible Study: Sunday  (10:30 a.m.); Wednesday (6:15 p.m.); Children’s Ministry: Sunday (10:30 a.m.); Wedneday (6:15 p.m.); Men’s Ministry (meeting once a month for Men’s Breakfast).




Faith Baptist Church
Web Site
Conact:  Zane Abbot (Pastor)  E-Mail:  zabbott@sky.icn-tv.ne.jp
From States: 011-81-0827-32-5331  From Japan: 0827-32-5331  Cell Phone: 090-9504-5245

. Located on Four Corners.  Church Services, Sunday School (10:00 a.m.) for toddlers, pre-primary, primary, and adults.  Sunday Morning worship (11:00 a.m.); Sunday Evening Service (6:00 p.m.);  and Wednesday Evening Service (8:00 p.m.).  Other Ministries: Tuesday (11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (Lunch with Pastor); and Friday (7:00 p.m.) for single and unaccompanied dinner/fellowship.



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About Us

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This is an “open” Community Board, not affiliated nor constitues official endorsement by neither the United States Government nor the United States Marine Corps

Mission Statement:

Committed to providing professional Web presence to all My Iwakuni organizations and residents.


It is our belief that through our collective efforts we will translate all forms of community relationships into a universal language that will serve as a model for other communities to follow.  In addition to maintaining a high level of quality, we create a dynamic and innovative Web presence to the all members of the Iwakuni Community. 

Founding Principles:

Exemplify to the ultimate standard in ethical and moral character.


Moral strength, the will to heed the inner voice of conscience, the will regardless of the conduct of others.  The willingness to take a stand for what is right in spite of the consequences.


Selfless determination and relentless to dedication to excellence.


In communicating withing the community, its residents and partners while at the same time protecting the company’s confidential information.


In our words and actions


In our relationships with our community.


In our observance of all the laws of our country, respect for environmental concerns and in our service to the community by improving, nurturing, and enriching it.


To our community through adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

About the City of Iwakuni:

More information about the City of Iwakuni is available at Wikipedia.org website <-click on link to visit web site.

About Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni, Japan:

More information about MCAS Iwakuni is avaiable at Wikipedia.org website <-click on link for to visit web site.


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Privacy Statement

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Life Lock Identity Protection.  Trusted ID ID Truth


My Iwakuni
Web Site
Conact:  Privacy Officer   E-Mail:  privacy@myiwakuni.com

Use of Personal Information

My Iwakuni and its operational service partners collect and use your personal information to operate www.myiwakuni.com and deliver the services you have requested.  My Iwakuni also uses your personal information to inform you of other products or services or potential new services that may be offered, and you will have the option to refuse.


My Iwakuni does not sell or lease its customer lists to third parties.  My Iwakuni may, from time to time, contact you on behalf of external business partners about a particular offering that my be of interest to you.  In those cases, your personal information (e-mail, name, address, telephone number) is not transferred to the third party.


My Iwakuni does not use or disclose sensitive personal information, such as race, religion, or political affiliations, without your explicit consensus.


Please contact the Privacy Officer for any privacy related questions or concerns.


You agree, through your use of My Iwakuni Community forum, that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any International or United States Federal law.  Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also forbidden on this forum.

Note that it is impossible for the staff or the owners of this forum to confirm the validity of posts.  Please remember make every effort to actively monitor the posted messages, however, are not responsible for the content contained within.  We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented.  The posted messages express the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of this forum, its staff, its subsidiaries, or this forum’s owner.  Anyone who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to notify an administrator or moderator of this forum immediately.  The staff and the owner of this forum reserve the right to remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if they determine that removal is necessary.  This is a manual process, however, please realize that they may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately.  This policy applies to member profile information as well.


You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages.  Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of My Iwakuni Community forum, any related websites to this forum,  its staff,  and its subsidiaries.   The owners of this forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any other related information collected on this service) in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by your use of this forum.


You have the ability,  as you register, to choose your username.  We advise that you keep the name appropriate.  With this user account you are about to register, you agree to never give your password out to another person except an administrator,  for your protection and for validity reasons.  You also agree to NEVER use another person’s account for any reason.   We also HIGHLY recommend you use a complex and unique password for your account, to prevent account theft.


After you register and login to this forum, you will be able to fill out a detailed profile.   It is your responsibility to present clean and accurate information.  Any information the forum owner or staff determines to be inaccurate or vulgar in nature will be removed, with or without prior notice.  Appropriate sanctions may be applicable.


Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from this forum or your ISP contacted.  This will only happen in the event of a major violation of this agreement.


Also note that the software places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser’s cache.  This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out.  The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.


Updated: February 2008. 


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Freecycle Zone

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My Iwakuni.com is committed to promoting a “Green Community.”  This area allows residents to give away perfectly useable items rather than just throwing them into the garbase.  If you would like to dontate any item(s), then please post them on this area.  Please provide contact information.  There is no cost required to register and post your item(s).


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a 5-step planning progress is recommended in order to implement a “Green Community Program.”


Step One - Community Assessment  (Where Are We Now?)

Step Two - Trends and Analysis (Where Are We Going?)

Step Three - Vision Statement (Where Do We Want to Be?)

Step Four - Sustainable Action Plan (How Do We Get There?)

Step Five - Implementation (Let’ Do It) 


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Post your FREE Classified Here.  MyIwakuni.com Classifieds are FREE, easy, and best of all they work.  Registration is FREE.  Go to main page an register now to use this FREE service or click here <-.

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February 2, 2008

Dialing Information

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Packet 8 Broadband Phone Services Get unlimited local and long distance broadband phone service with residential plans as low as $24.99/month, and business plans starting from $34.99. Extensive list of features include number portability, great International plans, video plans and more!  FPO/AP shipment to all overseas is available.  Sign up now!
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My Phone Company Unlimited calls for Only $24.99/month One bill from one company with one low price for all your calls to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Lots of free features, and plans starting as low as $24.99. Absolutely NO additional surcharges!

Calls Originating from Japan (MCAS Iwakuni)


From ON BASE: 119 or 911
From OFF BASE: 119

From ON BASE: 116
From OFF BASE: 21-7700

Information/Base Telephone Operator
If you know the last name of the person you are trying to reach, the operator can connect you
From ON BASE: 113
From OFF BASE within Local Iwakuni Area: 21-4171
From OFF BASE elsewhere: 0827-21-4171

Long Distance Directory
Calling Home (To) the United States (From) Japan
96 - 001 - Country Code - Area Code - Number Calling
Example: 96 - 001 - 1 - XXX - XXX - XXXX

Placing Calls From On Base to Another Phone On Base

Placing Calls From On Base to Within Japan
To the local Iwakuni Area (city of Iwakuni off base):
99 or 98-0827 and 6-Digit Local Number

Tokyo, Hiroshima, Okinawa)
99 + Area Code + Number
To a Japanese cell phone
98 and the 11-digit cell number
Example: 98-080-XXXX-XXXX

Placing Calls From a Japanese Cell Phone to a Number on Base

To call On Base from Off Base within Japan
From within local Iwakuni area

From elsewhere within Japan
      **Portions of dialing information provided from:  www.iwakunimcas.com    

Calling from CONUS to MCAS Iwakuni

  (Placing International Calls from Outside Japan to On Base)             

Calling from the US to a Base Number
Drop the 253 from the original number as shown below.
If the Number (DSN) Format is: 253-XXXX
Then You Dial: 011-81-827-79-XXXX


Calling from the US to Japanese Cell Phone
Drop the leading zero from the cell phone number as shown below.
If the Cell Phone Number Format is: 080-XXXX-XXXX or 090-XXXX-XXXX
Then You Dial: 011-81-80-XXXX-XXXX or 011-81-90-XXXX-XXXX


Some Calling Cards (For Calling From the US to Japan)

Below you will find a list of the best calling card products in the world. Each and every calling card has demonstrated the ability to offer great rates as well as world-class customer service. Treat yourself to a better rate today!

SpeedyPin Ultra-Low International rates Make your worldwide and nationwide calling easy and affordable. Shop with confidence knowing that your purchase is secure and guaranteed. PINs are delivered instantly, you can start calling within minutes.
CogniCall Monthly Billed Calling Card, Global Origination Works from over 50 countries, featuring LOW International and Interstate rates, no monthly or per call minimum charges, and 6-second billing. Online sign-up and call details. Automatic credit card billing.
AccuLinQ Calling Card from 4.9¢/minute Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, monthly billed card. No per call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online sign-up and account management system.
AccuChat from 3.9¢/minute Domestic calling card (USA-48 origination), featuring low domestic 4.9¢ rate from local access areas, 6.9¢ rate from national access areas, or 3.9¢ from the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.
PowerNet Global 9.7¢/minute Calling Card Ride the light of the fiber optic nationwide network of Qwest with stand alone travel card offered by PowerNet Global. Featuring 9.7¢ US domestic rate anytime and great International rates.
FlextelOne Calling Card SINGLE self managed account with a diverse selection of telecomunication services. ONE time sign-up, ONE account, ONE bill, and you pay only for what you use. Available from over 50 countries. 5.9¢/minute within USA 48, 7.9¢/minute from Canada to USA 48.
AccuGlobe Global Origination Calling Card Outstanding (USA-48 AND International Origination) service, featuring low international and interstate rates. The regular cost of interstate service is 5.9¢ per minute. Monthly billing.
IBN Tel Super low USA and International rates! Superior service with ultra-low International and domestic ratesa s low as 2.3 ¢ per minute. Available throughout most of the continental United States. IBNTel uses a high quality network, so you don’t have to substitute call quality for low rates!


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Welcome Aboard

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The “Official” Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakun, Japan has created a Welcome Aboard website that contains valuable information.  Information provided on the below links: 

Click on the below MCAS Iwakuni’s “official” logo to be re-directed to the website.

MCAS Iwakuni's Official Website

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January 30, 2008

Schools and Colleges

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M. C. Perry Elmentary School
Web Site
Conact: Ms. Shelia Cary (Principal) E-Mail: principle.perryes@pac.dodea.edu
MCAS Iwakuni, Japan
253.2447/4673 From U.S.: 011-81-0827-79-53-3447

The Mission of our school community is to empower students to achieve excellence in scholarship, character and citizenship as independent, life-long learners.

Goal One: All students will improve in balanced literacy skills across the curriculum.

Goal Two: All students will improve inquiry skills across the curriculum.





M. C. Perry High School
Web Site
Conact: Ms. Gail Anderson (Principal) E-Mail: principle.perryhs@pac.dodea.edu
MCAS Iwakuni, Japan
253.5448/5449 From U.S.: 011-81-6617-53-5448

The Mission to promote a learning community where students pursue excellence through initiative and integrity.

Excellence: Students strive for their highest achievement in every pursuit.

Initiative: Students are self-motivated in pursuit of highest achievement.

Integrity: Students gain high achievement through honesty, respect, and responsibility to themselves and others.





University of Phoenix - Overseas Military - Asia Pacific
Web Site
Conact: Dr. Andre L. Boyer E-Mail: (not available)
MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, Building 411
253.3335 From U.S.: 011-81-0827-79-53-3335

University of Phoenix, the largest private university in the United States, is now offering graduate degree programs on bases throughout the European/Middle Eastern and Pacific theatres.





University of Maryland University College
Web Site
Conact: E-Mail: fiwakuni@asia.umuc.edu
MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, Building 411
253.3494 From U.S.: 011-81-0827-79-53-3494 Hours: 7:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

The mission of University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in Asia is to offer academic programs to United States military communities throughout Asia and the Pacific. While serving overseas, students can take a single course or many courses leading to a certificate, an associate of arts degree, a bachelor of arts degree, or a bachelor of science degree. In addition, a master’s degree program is available to students on Okinawa. Since University of Maryland University College is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, students can take courses with the intention of transferring their credits to other colleges or universities in the United States. Students may also continue their studies with UMUC online.




Central Texas College
Web Site
Conact: Benigna Gallo E-Mail: iwakuni.jpn.pfec@ctcd.edu
MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, Building 411
253.3631 From U.S.: 011-81-0827-79-53-3631 Hours: 7:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

Mission Statement

At Central Texas College, we identify and serve our unique, global community needs and provide quality teaching through an accessible learning environment.


Order from Books a Million Order Your Books Now Buy Jostens Products  Get E-Bay  Buy from BookByte Now!

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